Tuesday 14 May 2013

The Daily Mail covers Were the Victorians cleverer than us?


The Daily Mail website had 105 million readers in August 2012, This put it in No 1 position, ahead of even the BBC News website. Getting a mention is a guarantee of a large readership in the English speaking globe. The left hand and wider column contains the main news stories, while the narrower right hand column contains the female stories. 

The Woodley et al paper was reported in the main section. In terms of thoroughness, phrases, pictures and column inches, it was superior to The Daily Telegraph. The Daily Mail spoke of REVERSE selection, and gave Darwin, Faraday and Babbage as exemplars of Victorian genius, and in a flash of inspiration illustrated the era's inventiveness with the differential calculating machine, the grandfather of computational devices.

A grand day out for Woodley, te Nijenhuis and Murphy.

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