Tuesday 4 June 2013

A warm welcome to Bobbing Bobcat HBDchick

HBDchick is not only fast but clever. Her reaction times are a very creditable 0.24 seconds, and she also knows how to do a screen grab so that the results are displayed for all to see. Respect!

My results, collected on the same tests, and with a Logitech wireless mouse, were announced on “Can I have a reaction” as being 0.29 on the BBC Sheep test on the day of posting, with an all-time best of 0.21 secs. The other results fell within that range. My Red Stoplight results were 0.29

In the spirit of Twitter inanity, this morning my sheep test result was 0.286 secs (and yes, I had already drunk some coffee) and 0.28 for the stoplight test.

So, it would seem that HBDchick is in the vanguard, and I am following in her wake. All this makes sense: she was blogging long before me, blogs more frequently, and on a wider range of subjects. (Perhaps we should bump up the sample size before coming to any firm conclusions). Time for coffee. 

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