Sunday 12 January 2014

Milometer event 100,001


Returning from dinner at midnight, I decided to check my page view counter, behaviour which constitutes a nervous tick among bloggers. A clear case of operant conditioning. I have got to 100,000 readers. My thanks to all of you.

Pageviews today                              7

Pageviews yesterday                   430

Pageviews last month            14,573

Pageviews all time history   100,001

Entertainingly, the precise midnight result is also a Capicúa or palindrome. Such a number was prized in my youth when it came up on Montevideo bus tickets. I can’t recall getting any, or perhaps they simply didn’t excite me. I learned, very much later, that if you gave them to a girl they were very impressed, and understood that you loved them. Who says mathematics has only a pure, cold beauty and nothing warmer underneath?

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