Monday 31 March 2014

Rock and Roll


Lest it be thought I lead too quiet a life dwelling on the minutiae  of psychometry, I spent most of yesterday partying with rockers in a secret London location as the guest of Richard Thompson OBE (no relation) whose gig at the Half Moon on 4 April has sold out in 10 minutes. Since Fairport Convention he has achieved fame as a solo artist and has an extensive and extremely loyal fan base. His songs have been covered by everyone in the business, and I have witnessed adoring fans standing in the pouring rain at Fairport’s Cropredy Convention in Oxfordshire, hanging on every word and chord.

In a respectful obeisance to rock tradition, he wore blue suede shoes (“Crepe, actually” the great man said).


2014-03-27 16.09.13


Also there was Jo “Nashville Rock with an English Accent” Burt who played with Black Sabbath, and whose wife and backing singer Antonia talked about their new album, suggesting “The Mess” as the track which would be of most psychological interest to my readers. The picture shows Antonia, with Richard Thompson in the background and Jo Burt, looking away to his left.


2014-03-27 15.18.39

Third up, a new duo launching their latest album next month, but once again for some reason my photograph shows the female part of the combination with somewhat greater emphasis than her truncated male partner.


2014-03-27 14.40.00

Following rock tradition, the rest of the party becomes a bit hazy, so the names have become somewhat jumbled, and I have run out of links. I am told that all of us danced to the classic tracks. There was a whole lot of shaking going on. You will have to help me recall the rest of it. Meet on the ledge.


  1. Final photo is of Kami Thompson and James Walbourne "The Rails" who just got signed up by Island Records

  2. you were walking on the wire & shooting out the lights!
    why yes, RT does look like Henry Harpending...
    i encourage this British Folk Rock movement for your blog.