Monday 28 April 2014

BBC to mention intelligence


Intelligence: Born smart, born equal, born different

At 11 am tomorrow Tuesday 29 April the BBC will be doing a program on intelligence led by the journalist Martin Sixsmith. It will be one of three on intelligence.

I have no idea what this will be like, but since intelligence researchers often gripe that their work is not well presented even in serious media, this is a chance for all of us to be pleasantly surprised.

BBC Radio 4, for those who are not in the UK., is best described as…… for the intelligent listener. The audience has also been described as aging or aged or middle class or not very diverse. On a good day Radio 4  is brilliant.

Sadly, I cannot turn on the wireless at that time to listen in because I will be on one of those new-fangled flying machines heading for an intelligence conference in Edinburgh (about which I hope to post something).

Can you let me know what the program is like?


  1. Surprisingly good in my opinion. The series of three weekly programmes is led by Dr Adam Rutherford, a genetic scientist. They will not cover race and intelligence, which is beyond a step too far for the BBC.

    No doubt you can hear the programme via iplayer. I detect a left-wing bias to the programme, however. Apparently singling out gifted athletes and spending enormous amounts of public money on them is fine (my assumption, there is no such reference in the programme), but wanting to follow a similar approach with intellectually gifted children marks one out as an extreme right winger.

  2. I think the whole "eugenics caused the holocaust" narrative is rather dubious.


    1. if there were such a narrative it would be.

      the holocaust, pace germanophope elie weasel, is no mystery.

      whenever there is a conspicuously rich and powerful minority within a nation it is a just target.

      read amy chua's "world on fire".