Friday 2 May 2014

LCI14 Learning without curiosity

I have already given a brief abstract of the presentation given by Kenya “Call me Ken” Kura at the London Conference on Intelligence. Ken flew in from Japan to discuss why Asians don’t win Nobel prizes. He has an engaging presentation style and a critical view of the Japanese education system, which he believes should be reformed.

Among his many talents he is an economist, so I quizzed him over dinner about what had gone wrong with Toyota. He told me that the company had been slow to modularise its components, and had got behind the competition in creating new models quickly and at low cost. They also seem to be getting lots of vehicle recalls which offends the notion of Muda (無駄). All this seditious insight from the guy who actually lives in the town where they make the Prius, so please don’t spread it about too much.

The entire presentation can be seen using the link above.

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