Thursday 23 October 2014

Bernadel Quartet

IMG_1939.JPG Bernadel Quartet



These boys and girls are good. Having them play three yards away is a privilege: each finger moving in vivid synchrony with the cascading sound in a gracious room by the river, all London forgotten in stately Haydn’s String Quartet No 55 and the more vivid and Slavic Shostakovich String Quartet No1 1. Then a quiet drink with the 21 other members of the audience, and finally Beethoven String Quartet No 7, at which the world must bow the knee, knowing that creation of that sort comes but once.

When Robert Graves went before the examiners as a young man one Don leant forward and said accusingly: “You have preferred some poets to others”. When four excellent young musicians play so well together I should simply enjoin you to follow the Bernadel Quartet. Do so. Nonetheless, although you will enjoy them all, I think you will find yourself watching violinist William Melvin.

And so to bed.

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