Thursday 6 November 2014



Snapshot of total of 300,000 all time readers on 6 November 2014. Send a colleague the link.




  1. Congratulations. Simply one of the most informative blogs around.

  2. I second that - I am alerted to - & learn more valuable info from your website than from any other - the info/insights you provide most closely align with my professional background & interests - in a just world your website would be all the continuing ed. i ever need in order to maintain my psych license:) other equally fascinating websites such as westhunter, hbdchick, jayman, steve sailer, etc. are superb, but don't overlap as much with what i do for real - those sites are intense areas of interest/hobbies in my off hours. combined, you folks all make the internet worthwhile - thank you! (as do the many learned commenters at your site & those other sites. but not so much the un-learned commenters - i'm happy when those folks are stricken from the record:)