Wednesday 18 March 2015

Quick explanation of some useful concepts

Whilst taking a break from reading an interesting but complicated psychological paper, the break involving looking at a National Health Service website (light relief, comparatively) I came upon this list of explanations of some health related research terms.

Of course, none of my readers need look at this list, and please don’t poke too many holes in it, but I thought you might find it useful to pass on to people who need a quick introduction to all the concepts and procedures you take for granted. I do not doubt that, from time to time, you talk to members of the public, or even colleagues in other disciplines, and it would be good to pass on a few explanations.

In that way you will assist the public understanding of science, a selfless task, since I doubt anyone you know will admit to have been helped in any way by reading it.


  1. Many years ago an enthusiastic but ignorant research student told me he'd read a fascinating paper (subject: heart surgery), and what particularly impressed him was that everyone involved seemed to be blind.

  2. Or worse, had been specially blinded just to see if it made a difference to their surgical skills

    1. Or their recovery as patients.

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