Tuesday 1 March 2016

Rotherham: coming together or moving apart


Interviewed on Radio 4 Today program about the aftermath of the first Rotherham rape trials. To put it in context, I was asked to participate only to discuss how Rotherham might deal with the impact of the events on the town, with a presumed focus on rebuilding the community.


Jump to 02: 52: 58 to get the Rotherham item


  1. Yes. Always a problem when using general category names. Probably better to give country and region of origin as well as religion and any other identifiers, such as class and status.

  2. You put in your word for truth rather than censorship, doc. Well done. Of course it won't happen, but still; well done.

    I vaguely remember that there was something disagreeable in the background of that Labour MP who was on with you, something that suggests that she's being rather a hypocrite. I wish I could put my finger on it.

  3. I saw a Derbyshire post today: he repeats the Housman quotation used in a comment recently. I wonder whether The Derb reads this blog, Dr T.

  4. Great radio voice -- your tone subtly conveys that any disagreement is not only unreasonable but quite likely uncouth as well. You could get a big audience with podcasts or similar, it would hardly matter what you actually said -- reading your old shopping lists, or just helpfully informing the populace where they should send the cheques.

  5. Thank you for your kind words, and the financial advice. Personally, I avoid podcasts because they are a very slow way to read things, but I will reconsider in the hope of making my fortune.

    1. We should do a double act, doc. I'm told that I sound like a younger version of Sean Connery, though people always add that I'm much more handsome.

      Well, they added that forty years ago, anyway. Strangely, they would then grin. Then I'd shoot them.

  6. Thus, a case of "So, we don't meet again, Mr Bond"