Thursday 7 July 2016

To Russia, with love and Powerpoint


Unusually, the next ISIR conference will be held in summer, in a week’s time, so this presents a challenge for intelligence researchers, used to winter weather in which it is appropriate to huddle in cellars looking at Powerpoint slides. Now the whole of St Petersburg will be shining golden in the sun, and what are the mere rotations of factors when compared with a stroll down the Nevsky Prospekt, perchance bumping in to the ghosts of Russian literature, and perhaps even a young Nabakov making his way to school.

However, the feast of modern day intelligentsia may win out in the end: M.A.McDaniel, Warner Schaie, Robert Plomin, David Lubinski, Linda Gottfredson, Doug Detterman and virtually everyone doing intelligence research will be there, so the architecture, canals, palaces, the Hermitage and other diversions may be set to one side by delegates intent on improving their already well-stocked minds.

So long as delegates can find their passports, and also get their Visas, which apparently is done through hotel bookings, they will all converge on the Window to the West for the 15th July opening session.

Much more about this soon.


  1. Not so long ago you chaps would all have been viewed as Fascist Provocateurs.

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