Tuesday, 4 October 2016

A quick education in Edinburgh


One flight to Edinburgh and I could get an education:


R programming


R programming: so I could crunch data again without SPSS. It might drive me mad, but I am told that thereafter all is serene and pure, like Chapman’s Homer.


Cognitive genetics

Cognitive Genetics: so I could read results with more insight, and spot any errors or interesting connections as the genetic story unfolds.



Systematic reviews and meta-analysis: to check that these things are being done properly. On that general topic, I have already muttered a few suggestions about inclusion criteria in previous posts, suggesting they should be graded for two levels of methodological purity.

Cognitive testing and details

Cognitive testing: because, although I imagine I know about this, this will be the most recent stuff, and targeted at ageing research. Cognitive testing is advancing, particularly in internet driven research, and some assessments are now very fast and efficient.

After that, I could talk about almost everything of interest in psychometrics. The further particulars about applying are as shown above.

If I don’t make it, perhaps you would like to go along and then let me see your notes, sending them to me as a Christmas present. If I manage to get there, please sit with me at the back and explain things as they go along.

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