Friday 23 August 2013

What should teachers know about human intelligence?


Imagine you had been asked to write a paper about children’s intelligence, so that teachers could understand it, and increase it (as far as it is possible to do so). As recompense for taking on this task, you are guaranteed that your paper will be distributed to most of the world’s teachers.

What would you include in this booklet, and what formats, graphs, pictures and tables would you employ to make sure that teachers understood and implemented your evaluations of the research literature?

This is not an empty question, because your answers might yet influence a UNESCO booklet which is being prepared at the moment.

Can you send me a brief outline, or links to good source material, and links to the sorts of formats appropriate for this task?

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  1. During the years 2001-2006 I was teaching general psychology at a Florida college and noticing an annual increase in black students until in 2006 I had perhaps 15% in one class. By itself this fact was not earthshaking because I knew that admissions standards were being altered by the reigning zeitgeist. What was intimidating was the arrogant attitude of some who seemed determined to find "racism."

    While I felt a trap was being set I have no inclination to lie in order to appease black students. Thus, when asked about "ebonics" I gave an honest critique. My department chair, a black man, had heretofore praised me to the skies, but soon he was very cool and essentially removed my employment.

    Any UNESCO document today will inevitably face even worse pressures to lie about unpleasant realities like the inequality of IQ distribution and the wrongness of policies directed at "correcting" the achievement gap between the races. No discussion of intelligence can escape the power of censorship now wielded by the liberal enemies of science.Obama made it his mission and gaps must be bridged at any cost. Science itself is under much strain here in the US to defend its normal mission. Intelligence must be made equal to appease the Left.