Saturday 13 December 2014

#IQ2014 second day so far


Numerical ability is the gateway into STEM success finds E.Stern at ETH Zurich, looking at engineering and maths/physics students, average IQ roughly 120. Sample size still small, will report when up to 200 subjects.

Paulette Flore ( looked at stereotype threat on girls’ test performance. She finds that the effect is at best slight, and probably due to publication bias. 26 relevant papers found total n=3760 and although a positive effect was initially found the Hedges’ g –0.22 effect size was very small. The power of most studies was low, below .4 with one exception at .8

Georg Kramer ( finds that a general mental ability test plus a structured interview were a good predictor of academic achievement in college bachelor degree admission, predicting grade point average every year, and did better  in predicting final grades than the 3rd year grade point average.

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