Friday 24 April 2015

London Conference on Intelligence 8-10 May


Readers of this blog are offered specially reduced terms if they wish to attend the London Conference on Intelligence. The Conference begins on Friday 8th May at 2 pm and ends on Sunday 10th May at 1pm and takes place in central London.

A selection of the papers to be presented:

Evolution vs. culture as background factors for international intelligence differences

Spearman’s hypothesis: Hypothesis or Law?

By their words ye shall know them: Evidence of genetic selection against general intelligence and concurrent environmental enrichment in vocabulary usage since the mid 19th century

National-Level Indicators of Male Hormones (Androgen) Relate to the Global Distribution of number of Scientific Publications and Nobel Prizes

In chimpanzees, more g-loaded cognitive abilities are more heritable, evolvable, and exhibit more inter-individual variability

General and domain-related effects of prenatal methyl-mercury exposure

Admixture in the Americas

Intelligence and occupational achievement in the US

Does intelligence explain the overrepresentation of liberals and leftists in American academia?

Population Differences in Androgen levels: A test of the Differential K theory

A Meta-analysis of Roma Intelligence: an update

Intelligence is correlated more with higher non-verbal ability than with verbal ability

Using frequencies of GWAS hits to estimate selection pressure and to increase the statistical power of GWA studies;

Spearman’s hypothesis tested on group differences in personality



For readers, the Registration Fee is set at £15 to cover tea, coffee and biscuits and room hire. We don’t have facilities to take credit cards.

If you would like to attend, (this is written so as to confuse a robot) write to me at my electronic address, using my first and second names separated by a dot, then the at sign, and then         I will then send you further details.


  1. Is walking in registration available?
    If so, could you give out address of conference?

  2. Structural or environmental factor also can explain or help to explain a little part of it as hyper-cultural masculinization in apefreakan societies. Extreme higher levels of individual masculine competition ( lower preponderance of female-like intelligence or cooperative intelligence combined with "culture" of the "macacho" or primitive alpha male result in violence, poverty and lack of infraestructure)

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  3. Sorry, need to contact me in advance, as described in post.

  4. Will the proceedings be posted online? Is there a way to read the papers without attending?

    Also, what review process was in place for the papers?

    1. Proceedings will be posted online, with contact details for authors. Sometimes there are Powerpoint presentations available. Speakers are invited from among current researchers based on recommendations, so it is not a general invitation to submit papers at the moment, though that may change in future. Iconoclasts preferred.

  5. In case anyone missed it, there is the website I made: