Sunday 26 April 2015

London Conference on Intelligence Website


University finance departments have their own set of rules, and one of them is that before any of you slope off to a conference you must provide the relevant website link, so that all the people in accounts can check up on you. This makes sense: public finances must be protected, and if it turns out that there is only one lecture a day and that all other activities are on the beach, in the delightful presence of very helpful representatives of pharmaceutical companies, then it may not be a conference that the university wishes you to attend.

In a welcome improvement on our procedures last year, a Conference Website has been kindly created and hosted by Emil Kirkegaard

It would be great if you were to circulate it to your colleagues, because even though they may not be able to come, they can be forewarned that I will be posting up the abstracts and author contact details.


  1. 8-10 May? I hope no leftie mob, steamed up about Labour's failure in the election (one can dream, can't one?), decide to visit you all with trouble.

    Quite seriously, I hope you've taken some security precautions.

  2. Leftist activists do not generally target academics. They concentrate on English Defense League and the like.

  3. They certainly have targeted academics inside universities over the years.