Monday 16 December 2013

Next ISIR conferences


In response to an enthusiastic reader, here are the next four ISIR conference details.

2014 Graz, Austria December 12-14, note this is Friday, Saturday, & Sunday  Local Host: Aljoscha Neubauer. Distinguished Interviewee: Ian J. Deary, University of Edinburgh

2015 Albuquerque, New Mexico September, dates TBD Local Host: Rex Jung

2016 St. Petersburg, Russia Dates: July, TBD (likely last half of July) Local Host: Yulia Kovas

2017  Akron, Ohio, USA July, specific dates TBD,  Local Host: David Baker, Director, Archives of the History of American Psychology.

If you would like to present a paper or a poster session, you can get more details on the ISIR website:

If you are a student with an interest in intelligence research, have a particular look at the student awards page, which has launched many a bright researcher onto a glittering career.

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