Monday 16 December 2013

Round up of press coverage of ISIR conference


If you have come across any press coverage of the 2013 Melbourne ISIR conference, could you please let me know?  For example, coverage of dog general intelligence, elephant intelligence, intelligence of crows or coverage of expert opinion on intelligence or coverage of any of the other topics.


  1. Searching Google News & Google Blog Search for any mention of the ISIR conference only turned up your blog and Sailer's. This shouldn't be surprising. If news outlets actually paid attention to the ISIR, then the quality of their reporting wouldn't be so terrible.


  2. Thank you for your updates on the conference. I now have the habit of checking the blog several times a day. Any news on where the next conference will be located?

  3. Sorry, no can help. However, this may interest you.

    One point amused me: "… 50 years ago, when women were not often allowed near higher education". I suspect that by "higher education" he means "my old Oxbridge college".

  4. How is the press not interested in dog intelligence?

    1. Precisely! I was convinced the British press would lap it up, but there was not even an excited tail wag. (I told the author she should have studied Corgis, so as to arouse Royal interest, but that will have to wait till next time).
      "Royal Corgis see ghost of Princess Diana in Buckingham Palace: Dogs have high intelligence, expert says". By the way, that headline is copyright.

  5. Tangential, but.